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Television/Streaming Series

2020 Under NDA Undisclosed, Netflix, Undisclosed
2020 Under NDA Wellington Paranormal
, Avalon Studios, Jemaine Clement
2019 Barnie Livingston Shortland Street, South Pacific Pictures, Jacqueline Nairn

2017 Drunkard Paranormal Unit NZ Documentary Board, Jemaine Clement


2020 Dave Energy Online Series, Truman Films Ltd, David Campbell
2019 Dave Energy Online Series, Truman Films Ltd, David Campbell

2017 Pablo Escobar Burger Fuel, Burger Fuel,  Cortney Stowers

2014 Voter Youth vote, choice lolzLesel Smith 

2014 Toa Stop Before You Start, GSLTaika Waititi 

Feature Film

2019 Gunner Avatar 2, 20th Century Fox, David Cameron

2019 TJ Hine Killer Sofa Rao ProductionsBernardo Rao

2017 Pilot Mortal Engines Universal Studios, Christian Rivers

2017 Blind Monk Ghost In The Shell Paramount PicturesRupert Sanders

2017 Protester Pork Pie NZ Film ComissionMatt Murphy

2017 Illuminati Soldier Project Eden Mad Anth'mAshlee Jensen, Terrance M. Young

2017 Connor Tuilamaga Follow The Random Polendale ProductionsAnthony Butters

2016 Jerome Smith Portrait of a Knight Riddell ProductionsStephan Riddell

2015 Harry Smith No Room For Saints Stock StandardAlex Liu

2015 Thomas The Angel of Death Encounters Oneshot Collective, Chaz Harris

Short Film
2019 Dereck  Bath Screaming Lynx, Coru Gu

2018 Man  The Closet Private, Ben Samson

2018 Phillip Abandon all hope VUW, Aaron Lewis

2018 Tom Tom VUW, Maurizio Vanolo

2017 Eel Facing the Dark VUW, Tiernan Partington

2017 Tedd Smith HARK VUW, Karl Kessel

2017 Tip Munta Johnny Boy NFTS, Stenn Francis-Deare

2017 Maxamillion Maxamillion The Great NZFS, Sebastian Romero Melchor

2017 ANZAC Soldier War Memorial Weta Digital, Peter Jackson

2016 Tim Party Pooper Stock Standard, Alex Liu

2016 John Hammond John Squared Massey Productions, Emily French

2016 Hiker Summet Corlett visuals, Caleb Corlett

2016 Joe Dispatch Corlett Visuals, Caleb Corlett

2016 Jordan Washing Day Reel Filmz, Jordan Rivers

2016 Jordan Messiah Complex Reel Filmz, Iris henderson

2015 Zed Awkward Morning Noise and Pictures, Giles McNiel

2014 Tesza Mickovowitz My Palace Reel Filmz, Jordan Rivers

2014 Jack A Life of Enchantment, NFTS, Marc Timargo

2014 Detective Duffy Unstuck, Mines, Jonothan Mines

2014 Hamish Smith K.F.O NZFTS, Jonathan King

2014 Jonothan Harrowman Rage NZFTS, Jonathan King

2014 Pyrion Saving H Massey Productions, Charlie Lehmer

2013 Stephan Entropy NZFTS, Isaac Clealand


2013 Ferdinand A Tempest of Sommes Island Bard Productions, Paul Stephanus

2013 Valentine After Juliet First Gear Productions, Sarah Delihunty

2012 Ferdinand A Tempest of Sommes Island Bard Productions, Paul Stephanus

2010 Hamlet 2b or not 2b Aotea Productions, Tiffany Franks

2009 Issac When Sun and Moon Collide Aotea Productions, Tiffany Franks

Musical Theatre

2012 Face Creature Project Born Weta Workshops, Sir Richard Taylor

2011 che Hair the Rock Musical First Gear Productions, Sarah Delihunty

2010 Harv Fermont Curtains the Musical PLT, Matt Bently

Web Series

2020 G Now Here Undisclosed, Jen Blackburn
2017 Multiple Leads Bad Man Riddel Productions , Stephen Riddel

2017 Brian The Willing Bodies Massey5, Adam Price

2017 Police Officer Milton the Monster Hunter Noise and Pictures, Giles Mcneil

2017 Brian Smith The New Zealand Space Race artisain, Brad Grifiths

2016 Jordan Apt. 4b Reel Filmz, Jordan Rivers

2015 Dr. Benevalint The Adventures of Journey Rushmore PiratevCowboy, Jonathan Ashley-Harris

2014 Detective Reggie Reggies Case Files Pirate vs Cowboy, Jonathan Ashley-Harris


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The ProActors
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