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ARRIVAL: Non-Spoiler Review

If you liked Contact with Jodie Foster you'll love this. It's not a Hollywood film so if you're looking for action then you wont find it here. In short aliens have landed in what looks like a giant steel contact lens and its up to Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner to make contact. The film doesn't talk down to its audience and allows you to glimpse into important and pivotal moments without being like "look at me, I'm foreshadowing!" The soundtrack is beautiful and experimental. And Amy Adams should be very proud of this performance. She nailed it and as an actor i cant imagine this script would have given her too much to go off so hats off to the director to.

Most of the time I recommend people see action films in the cinema for the sake of the movie experience but for once I would recommend seeing this type of film in the cinema. The shooting style and architecture of the film works hard to make you feel isolated and cold and being in a dark cinema adds too that experience. The characters are well developed and the plot is original. And that's hard with Sci-Fi.

Its contemplative in a sense that it makes you question yourself and what you'd do in the same situation and that's what great story telling should be. A reflection of ones self, whilst also being entertaining. I cant say much about the film without giving it away so I'll let you see it for your self. If you do see it and you like it I recommend seeing 'Contact' and 'Another earth' JORDAN RATING: 9/10

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