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Movie Idea: Paranormal Snacktivity

It's a 3minute short film of me looking in my empty fridge

wondering where the food has gone, only to suddenly realise that,

I, myself have eaten it.

Plot twist, I'm haunting my own fridge.

  • Re-directed by M.night shamylon - Where I am actually the fridge the whole time.

  • Re-directed by Peter Jackson, The same film over 3 parts and the eagles ate the food

  • Re-directed by Michael Bay - The fridge light is blue on one side and orange on the other, then I explode.

  • Re-directed by Martin Scorsese - The fridge and I grew up together in Brooklyn till my alcoholic microwave shipped it off to boarding school.

  • Re-directed by Woody Allen - The fridge and I are Jewish kids growing up in the 70's too nervous to talk about the food.

  • Re-directed by Taika Waititi - there is no fridge because I'm too poor.

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