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Upgrade: Non-Spoiler Review

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

If Blade Runner 2049 and John Wick had a baby, it would be UPGRADE.

It’s hard to do anything original in sci-fi these days so the best thing you can do is hope to do something old, but better than anyone else has ever done it before. Upgrade has achieved this.

Briefly it’s the story of a man who is the victim of a vicious attack resulting in him being wheelchair bound. Through the help of a micro chip he is able to walk again and more.

From cinematography to sound design, soundtrack, set design and costume, everything works just as much as the lead actor to depict the world and drive the story, to a point where they’re almost characters aswell. This film perfectly captures the balance between comedy and drama while also giving us some of the most enthralling action and fight sequences since Bourne identity.

UPGRADE also poses you with a moral dilemma wrapped in another moral dilemma disguised as a solution, which is rare for an action film. This is a well thought out and perfectly executed piece of cinema. Perhaps some foreshadowing was a little obvious but also it could be argued that, that was on purpose as a way of misleading the audience. WARNING, if you don’t like gore then avoid, as this director also made SAW. If you liked Blade Runner 2049 but thought it was too slow for you, then this may be the perfect solution for you. This might officially be one of my favourite sci-fi films or even films of all time. JORDAN RATING 9.8/10

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