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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- Non Spoiler Review

OK, I'm just gonna premise this by saying that I'm a 90s kid, Not only am I a 90's kid but I'm a 90's kid that recorded the first Jurassic park on VCR and watched it almost everyday. I say "almost" because everyday that I didn't watch it, I was watching Jurassic Park 2. Also Im pretending that Jurassic Park 3 didn't happen.

Fallen Kingdom follows the main characters from the previous film Jurassic World. Ignoring the fact that technically Bryce Dallas Howards character should really be in jail for pretty much causing the events that lead to the deaths of heaps of people the first time around. Fallen Kingdom is set three years later, Owen Grady (StarLord) and Claire Dearing (other Jessica Chastain) return to the island to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that they just remembered existed. They soon uncover a black market of rich men with Russian bad guy names, that seek to do russian bad guy stuff. Trailer Below -->

How does this movie stack up?

Pretty damn well actually. As a fan of the Spielberg movies there are soo many call backs to the original horror flicks that I was happy to see again. Out of all of the Jurassic movies though this is by far the most intense, sure they're all about being chased by dinosaurs but Fallen Kingdom breaths new life into the action by changing the environment and raising the stakes.

Besides the dinosaurs our characters encounter a wall of lava, poisonous gas, drowning, fire, explosions and tonnes of un-even surfaces. The action sequences are fast, loud and claustrophobic as hell.

It's also great to see far more anamotronics, this especially helped drive the relationship between Blue and Owen because you can see that Blue is really there and not a badly rendered tennis ball. Now every Jurassic Park film also has a child lead in it, this is mostly because Spielberg started it all and all his leads are children. Unlike the previous films though this child lead has a sub plot thats almost seperate to anything else in the film which is refreshing but also key to the new direction of the films and I like it.

Down Sides?

1. Why do the 90's dinosaurs look more real!?? Not all the time but a lot of the time.

2. It's 2018 why are we still doing tacky one liners with dramatic slow camera zooms?

3. Where's the science? as a kid what enticed me was the learning. This film like the last, both fail to present any new science or learning. Even the 3rd movie investigated dinosaur communication. But both Jurassic World movies so far haven't had any real science in them and for me that level of grounded science was part of the wonderment of it.

Final Opinion?

Go see this film in a good cinema!, you're not going to this for a great story, you're going to see big dinosaurs wrestle with a semi ok storyline. Luckily this film delivers the best action sequences of the series and a pretty good story considering everthing's already been done besides Dinosaurs on a plane. This was made to be experienced on the big screen, so don't wait for DVD/Netflix/Your mates cam version with korean subtitles.

As a fan of the originals I gotta give it a JORDAN RATING of 7/10

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