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Hereditary: NON-Spoiler Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

When the grandmother of a family passes away, everybody is left to deal with it in their own ways but as time passes the family realize how much of an affect she actually had on them and perhaps more sinister things are at work.

Lets start by saying that Toni Collette deserves an Oscar for this, her performance in this is absolutely amazing and keeps you on edge the entire time, there I said it now… HOLY CRAP! This might be the scariest film I’ve ever seen, Never in my life have I ever grabbed the person next to me in a film, but tonight not only did I grab them but I actually morphed into a baby koala and held onto them for the duration of the film.

What I love most about this film is that it doesn’t rely on cheap Jump scares or scary music, set almost entirely in a house and consistently utilizing long single moving shots, this film scares you by showing you everything that could possibly be sinister, and then revealing that its not. You are constantly thinking that you’re about to see something and then when you finally do you wish you hadn’t

This film follows very closely in the veins of Stanly Kubrics “The Shining” and Lars Von Triers “Anti-Christ” both of which, like this, all move slowly before going for the jugular. Often the scariest thing is something that’s been in the frame the entire time but you don’t realize till the end of the scene. Its these techniques that suspend you in a state of un-ease for the entire film. In terms of scaryness I thought the film held me at a good 7/10 for the whole story until I got to then end and realized I was only at 5 and now it was time for 10 haha If you were able to watch Jenifer Lawrence’s “Mother” then you should be able to stomach this, as the horror and Gore factor is probably on the same level. But be warned it is quite realistic. I love a good psychological horror and for me this is on pa with The Shining. JORDAN RATING: 10/10

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