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The Nun: Like Sister Act but not good

The Nun plays out exactly how you would expect any sequel of a spin off to a sequel to. Exploring the history behind The Nun painting from the Block Buster hit The Conjuring, this film begins in Romania in the 50's. Where a convent of Nuns have been hiding a dark secret for hundreds of years and when a nun commits suicide the Vatican sends our two main characters to investigate. After about 30mins minutes of characters slowly reaching for Nun shaped objects and cheap jump scares the youngest of our investigators, who happens to be a nun in training, decides to actually investigate something by asking one of the occupants of the Convent

"whats wrong with this castle?"

to which the occupant then tells her and the entire audience the backstory to the castle, the suicide, and pretty much everything short of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Achievement Unlocked: You asked one thing

Shes behind me again isn't she

Don't get me wrong the film achieves many moments of being scary and that is the point right? to be scary. But how many jump scares can you take before they stop fooling you? I'm never expecting a great story line, or even great writing from these types of films but a reasonably good story line is important because it distracts you from whats on the screen, setting you up for a good jump scare. But when the story is told to you in one scene and the dialogue is filled with funny one liners after watching a person burn to death, its hard to take it seriously enough to be convinced. In short...

It's just too predictable

If you enjoy predictable horror films with easy to follow story lines and characters that seem to be aware that they're in a movie then this is the film for you, ignore the plot holes and the fact that the bad guy could have won from the start if it just ran instead of walked and

just have fun!

Its a classic American spook film like Jeepers Creepers or... Jeepers Creepers 2? I dunno. But for me?

Jordan Rating 3/10
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