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Beyond The Black Rainbow: Non-Spoiler Review

If Stanly Kubrik and Andy Worhol some how had a baby, then that baby was raised by Steve Kuklinsky and Charles Manson... This movie is that baby.... I'm.. I Dont even know what i just watched. The film is almost more like a series of crunching sounds and whizzing sounds mixed with close ups of men drowning in tar and womans eyes exploding. To the soundtrack of The Warriors, This movie plays out like The Ring Video on crack but more depressed.

The entire thing is a synthetic 80's acid trip and not even a good trip. It's about a girl stuck in some kind of alternative institution run by a perverted alien Willy Wonka... I'm gonna post the trailer below so you guys can kinda get a feel for it. As a film? JORDAN RATING: 3/10 As a performance piece JORDAN RATING: 7/10 In saying all that.. I couldn't stop watching, so yea.. its just fucked up

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