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Moana Review: Non-Spoiler Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Phew! Wow... I was really scared that, that was going to be shit or offensive. But I really enjoyed it! Its fun. It's beautiful and compelling. It’s hard to think critically about the film when as soon as it opens I was instantly fan girling at the sound of Polynesian music. But I’ll try.

First of all

Maui’s appearance

A lot of people were critical of his jolly structure and goofy appearance. Do not worry, It seems his appearance was slightly exaggerated more for the trailers and posters as a marketing tool, He isn’t as goofy or rotund as he appears on the posters.

The characters are well developed through musical numbers and the music itself is also fantastic. Te Vaka has done an amazing job capturing the true nature of the story and culture whilst also writing songs that can appeal to a European audience as well.

In terms of graphics this is probably Disneys best film, The sand, hair, leaves and skin textures are so perfect its like watching animated characters in a real environment. Unlike most Disney films, this isn’t about an orphan, nor is it about betrayal of any kind. This will largely be up to Taika Waititi’s writing. This is a good thing, But at times left me wondering what the actual threat was to the main cast.

The English songs are good but not as catchy as most other Disney songs as they’re a lot closer to a Les Mis form of song structure, Meaning no verse, chorus, verse type thing. Again this is great but actually means the really catchy songs are the Pacific Island ones.

Its crazy hearing kiwi voices in a Disney film but I think they were very well cast.


Baby Moana and Jermaine Clement. Jermaine is hilarious as always and his song number is almost like its own short film.


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