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Mother: Non Spoiler Review

75% of this movie is told through extreme close ups of our main character. Its affect is a truly claustrophobic and naked experience. As an audience you begin to love and hate Jennifer Lawrences character. You’re not only absorbed into her situation but once you’re there you’re trapped in it.

The film itself a symphony of chaos, a cacophony of mankinds madness. It’s a cross between Children of Men, Silent Hill and The Antichrist. But as sickening and stomach churning as it may seem at points, it is a technical masterpiece. As a filmmaker I have to say that this is a very well constructed film and not a film that I would have ever expected to see in mainstream cinema.

It is also a film that requires patience. The build is slow and gradual but the payoff is frighteningly good, I left The cinema feeling emotionally and mentally assaulted and needed some time to dissolve what I’d just seen. But thats not a bad thing. The story is original and takes some real risks and it doesn’t treat its audience like idiots. I would recommend this film to filmmakers and filmmakers only. Because it is pretty horrific. If you love horror or if you like a psychological thriller then maybe this is for you but I'm using a strong maybe, because this film is truly horrific to watch and to experience. But in saying that, to view it any other place other than the movie theatre would be an absolute waste. For what it is I give this film a 9/10 but see it at your own risk. But if you thought that Stephen kings IT was scary then you haven't seen anything yet.

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