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The Killing Joke:Non-Spoiler Review

Damn, i really wanted that to be good. But that was just a long ass film with no pay off. The film finishes within 15minutes and then starts again with a very vaguely connected story. In its defense the first 15minutes are good. But the rest is a total bummer. Its just a bad film. The animation isn't even as good as the animated TV series and the dialogue is full of obvious plot points.

The story was in there somewhere amongst at least an hour of exposition but there wasnt enough of it really for the audience to care what was going to happen next, let alone wonder. The film couldn't decide if it was going to be about Batman's emotional journey or the Jokers life journey so it did a half ass job of both and decided to throw Batgirl in there. I'm honestly gutted, i really like these films usually but that was just not a good film. It's redeemable factor being Batgirls dialogue with her friend at the library, that was funny. JORDAN RATING: 2/10

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